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2022 Best Restaurants in Mesa

We’ve gathered the very best spots to chow down in Mesa, Arizona. You can see our methodology here.

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1. Bobby Q

Bobby Q

Try the: Baby Back Ribs

Also honored in:

“Bobby Q offers a culmination of barbeque favorites. Along with extensive barbecue research mixed with culinary expertise, the secret behind Bobby Q’s barbeque lies within the slow cooking process over Tennessee hickory wood paired with the perfect blend of spices found in the special dry rub for the meat, as executed by barbeque master, Executive Chef Mark Hittle. This results in succulent hand-pulled pork, smoky sausage links, fork-tender brisket, and ribs that fall right off the bone. Bobby Q is sure to offer barbecue fare unlike any other. The starters will whet your appetite and the desserts will satiate your sweet-tooth cravings, but the barbecue is the show-stopper. Three different ribs are offered (St. Louis, Texas, and baby back) as well as chicken, salmon, burgers, and hand-cut steaks. Nestled in a charmingly-rustic setting, Bobby Q’s building features reclaimed woodwork with exposed brick walls, antique gas lamps, and 10-foot vintage French doors. Come visit us soon!”

2. Backyard Taco

Backyard Taco

Try the: Chicken Tacos

Also honored in: 2021 Best Restaurants in Mesa

“There’s something different about home cooking. You can taste the love.

Hailing from magical Mazatlan, Mexico, Ruben and Marisela have been sharing their love of good food and their culture since 2005, with family and friends. Word spread and more and more people came as the legend of their tasty tacos grew. Soon people started following them to stranger’s backyards just to get some of the delicious food off the grill. With one… small… problem. Their backyard just wasn’t big enough. Soon, there was a line to their backyard a mile long. Mesmerized by the mesquite-infused aromas of Tacos al Carbon, people wanted more.”

3. Cornish Pasty

Cornish Pasty

Try the: Bangers and Mash Pasty

“The Cornish Pasty originates from Cornwall (Southwest England) and can be traced back as far as the 1200’s. At that time, pasties were baked by wives and mothers of tin miners; which was once a thriving industry in Cornwall. The pasties were made with a thick crimped edge along one side; which the miners would use as a handle and hold onto while eating. This was extremely useful because a miner’s hand would often be covered in arsenic from the mines. The miners would discard the handle when they were done, so they could never poison themselves while eating. The crusts were never wasted, though, as many miners were believers that ghosts, or “knockers”, inhabited the mines. The leftovers of the crusts would keep these ghosts content. The wives and mothers of the miners would make the pasties with different fillings at each end – one with a sweet filling, which would be marked with an initial so the miner would not eat his dessert first, and the other with meat and vegetables.”

4. Angry Crab Shack

Angry Crab Shack

Try the: King Crab

Also honored in: 2021 Best Restaurants in Mesa

“Former NFL player Ron Lou spent four years in the league with the Houston Oilers than the Philadelphia Eagles. During the next 35 years, he created five different restaurant concepts, including a breakfast concept, a sports bar, and three different Chinese restaurants. Ready for another success, Lou set out to create something unique – not just another wing, burger, or pizza place.

Combining bold flavors in Asian food with his knowledge of seafood, Lou launched Angry Crab Shack in 2013 in Mesa, AZ. A family-friendly neighborhood restaurant, Angry Crab Shack offers a vibrant, memorable dining environment and high-quality seafood at a more affordable price.”

5. Green Corner Restaurant

Green Corner Restaurant

Try the: Chicken Shawarma

Also honored in: 2021 Best Restaurants in Mesa

“Mediterranean food in Mesa cooked by a Professional Chef who has more than 10 years of experience in the field cooking in passion, love and health.

In the perfect, most beautiful setting, can exist only the most amazing restaurant. What started out as a personal desire for quality Mediterranean restaurant food options, has turned into a thriving family-owned restaurant. We take great pride in offering only the freshest organic foods and maintaining five-star quality ratings.”

6. Worth Takeaway

Worth Takeaway

Try the: Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Also honored in: 2021 Best Restaurants in Mesa

“We want to be the Cheers of sandwiches…

When we decided to open a sandwich shop it wasn’t about craft sandwiches and clean decor, it was about community. This meant providing food and services that gave back in as many ways as possible. This is why we found local partners, high quality products and set reasonable prices to make sure that you feel it’s WORTH your time to visit us. You can eat anywhere, your money and time are valuable and we respect that. You may not have known that you needed a neighborhood ‘spot’ but now you’ve got one. We are excited to meet you.”

7. Republica Empanada

Republica Empanada

Try the: Empanada Platter with Cheese Empanadas

Also honored in: 2021 Best Restaurants in Mesa

“Arizona’s largest selection of South American-style savory empanadas. Our empanadas, as well as our dishes, represent the different regions and tastes of Latin American comfort food.

Republica Empanada is located in the Southside Heights Neighborhood of downtown Mesa on the NE corner of 1st Avenue & Hibbert. The mid-century architecture is a unique contrast to the brick row showcased along Main Street.”

8. The Original Blue Adobe Grille

The Original Blue Adobe Grille

Try the: Stacked Enchiladas with Carne Adovada

Also honored in: 2021 Best Restaurants in Mesa

“Located just blocks away from the Mesa Arts Center, Hohokam Stadium, The Museum, and all Downtown Mesa has to offer. Don’t let the exterior of the A-frame building fool you. Once inside it is quite simply one of those “unexpected gems” you hope to find in your travels.

The loyal patrons and staff are responsible for the Blue Adobe’s long standing success and popularity. They are an welcoming bunch who enjoy the camaraderie found only at the “Original Blue Adobe”. As one of our customers was overheard saying, “the sophisticated traveler will always recommend the “Blue Adobe Grille”.”

9. Red White & Brew

Red White & Brew

Try the: Sirloin Steak and Coconut Shrimp Combo

Also honored in: 2021 Best Restaurants in Mesa

“Don’t let the name fool you, Red, White & Brew is a true restaurant that was designed from the ground up to offer the community a place to eat, drink and relax. The Brew prides itself on providing an exceptional dining experience that is fun and family friendly, creating a place guests can call home.”

10. Vito’s Pizza & Italian Ristorante

Vito’s Pizza & Italian Ristorante

Try the: Meat Lover’s Pizza

“Here at Vito’s Pizza & Italian Ristorante, we’ve been serving Mesa, AZ authentic Italian food and Chicago style thin crust pizza since way back in 1986 when Vito and JoAnne opened up their first restaurant. These Italian immigrants came here bringing classic recipes passed down from Vito’s grandmas that the restaurants still serve today. We import all of our flour directly from Italy, use only 100% real Wisconsin and Italian cheeses, and source only the freshest of ingredients for our dishes. It’s all these reasons that make Vito’s the Mesa, AZ staple it is today. And with 4.5 Stars on Google, and over 342 reviews we’d say guests agree. Whether it’s cannoli, linguini pescatore, or our seafood risotto that brings you in, you’re certain to leave with a smiling face. And if you’re interested in banquets or catering we have that too. We’re also well known for our lunch dishes. Our sandwiches, Italian fries, and light appetizers are the perfect thing for your midday outing. And if you’re on the search for gluten-free options, we have everything from appetizers to salads to pizza. Every Monday through Friday 3-6pm you’ll find some of the best deals available at the bar at patio, during Vito’s happy hour. Deals include $3 drafts, a delicious 2 item personal pie for $8, and $4 well drinks. All these make perfect accompaniments to our hearty appetizers, and decadent desserts. Here at Vito’s you’re sure to get an experience worth your time, and the check…”