Best Restaurants

2021 Best Restaurants in Omaha

We’ve gathered the very best spots to chow down in Omaha, Nebraska. You can see our methodology here.

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1. Plank Seafood Provisions

Plank Seafood Provisions

Try the: New England Clam Chowder

“Discover your sea legs in Omaha, Nebraska.

At Plank Seafood Provisions you’ll find that dash of sea-life luster with coastal character you been looking for in this landlocked state. Our refined seafood restaurant offers fresh, high-quality seafood and oysters and a full-service bar stocked with craft beer, cocktails and our eco-friendly tap wine system. Join us for a briny salt-water snack, a spiked lemonade and an unforgettable fish dish.

Our seafood restaurant is docked just off of 12th and Howard streets in the Old Market of downtown Omaha, NE. We’re just north of the Old Market Hyatt Place and down the street from other Flagship Restaurant Group favorites, Roja Mexican Grill and Blue Sushi Sake Grill.”

2. Block 16

Block 16

Try the: Poutine Burrito

“We love the creative experimentation that comes from mixing “high” and “low” food concepts. Recently we offered the “Ethan Special” based on Paul’s 10-year-old nephew’s lunch–white bread, bologna, mayo, cheese, with smashed Doritos. We offered a slightly scaled up version that included Grey Plume’s mortadella served with slaw on an onion roll and – for those who wanted it “Ethan Style” – Doritos on the side.

Maybe we’ll introduce a customer to a new food preparation they wouldn’t have tried before. Maybe we’ll remove some of the pretension associated with fine dining. Or maybe we’ll just leave you with a full belly and a great memory.”

3. Blue Sushi Sake Grill

Blue Sushi Sake Grill

Try the: Mango Crab Rangoon

Also honored in: 2021 Best Restaurants in Fort Worth

“Fresh and energetic, Blue offers an inspired mix of creative sushi for purists and adventurers alike. Happy Hour has put Blue on the map, offering value and variety without sacrificing quality or experience. Blue’s vibrant scene offers a dining experience full of creative flavor and intense with spirited atmosphere. A large maki, sashimi and nigiri menu is complemented by Asian-inspired cold plates, hot plates, entrées, soups, salads, desserts and an extensive sake menu.”

4. The Drover

The Drover

Try the: Whiskey Filet

“Landmark chophouse specializing in steaks marinated in whiskey then grilled to order in rustic digs.”

5. Early Bird

Early Bird

Try the: Chicken Fried Steak

“A partnership of like-minded brunch lovers brought Early Bird and Bob’s Donuts to fruition. And the Blackstone district seemed like the perfect setting for the city’s brightest brunch.”

6. M’s Pub

M's Pub

Try the: Lamb Burger

“M’s Pub is in the heart of The Old Market district in downtown Omaha, Nebraska. Our story started in 1972 and has remained part of history ever since.

We were closed for a short while due to an unforeseen fire in January of 2016. We have created the space to almost exactly what it was prior to the tragedy with the help of original designers.

Our menu is what sets us apart. We have classic dishes that have become favorites. We have uniquely crafted new dishes that have our customers raving. The wine list is thoughtfully selected. The beer choices are food driven. The seasonal cocktail menu is lively.”

7. Modern Love

Modern Love

Try the: Mac and Shews

“Swanky Vegan comfort food in Midtown Omaha.”

8. Kitchen Table

Kitchen Table

Try the: Meatloaf

“Your home away from home – a place to enjoy carefully crafted food in a relaxed environment. For local, seasonal, from-scratch, made-with-love breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner and specialty boxes in downtown Omaha! Looking forward to seeing you soon!!

Real food made from scratch using the best local ingredients possible. We are here for week-day breakfast, lunch, snacks all day, or stop in and have dinner or pick up dinner on your way home plus Saturday and Sunday Brunch. Check out this week’s dinner menu specials, complete with options for all dietary preferences. Beer and wine available on tap along with house sodas!

Looking for space for a private event, let us know – we love help you celebrate.”

9. Coneflower Creamery

Coneflower Creamery

Try the: Archetype Coffee

“To a chef, fresh, pure ingredients are inspiration points. They beckon and call at ideas deep in a chef’s mind. They’re tantalizing and thrilling and enticing. Add a gardening passion that manifests during Nebraska winters as hours of perusing heirloom seed catalogs dreaming of warm days, blue skies, and bountiful harvests. Mix it together with a passion for artisan ice cream, and the result is Coneflower Creamery, a beautiful dream aimed at bringing farm-fresh ingredients to customers in the shape of a cone.”