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2022 Best Restaurants in Columbus

Our team has assembled the best eateries in Columbus, Ohio. You can see our methodology here.

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1. Schmidt’s Sausage Haus

Schmidt’s Sausage Haus

Try the: Schmidts Famous Pretzel Nuggets

Also honored in: 2021 Best Restaurants in Columbus

“J. Fred’s grandson, George F. Schmidt, opened the company’s first restaurant in July of 1967 just around the corner from his grandfathers’ meat packing plant in German Village. Using meat recipes from the packing days and dessert recipes from the German ladies hired to run the kitchen, Schmidt’s Sausage Haus became an instant success. Schmidt’s is still a landmark eatery in Central Ohio.

Today, the family tradition of day-to-day operations of this uniquely diverse hospitality company is carried out by the fourth generation of the Schmidt family. The Schmidt name is recognized throughout central Ohio and the nation as a leader in quality specialty restaurants, catering and unequaled banquet facilities as well as retail sales and fair and festival food services. Pictured left to right are John, Geoff and Andrew Schmidt.”

2. Hot Chicken Takeover

Hot Chicken Takeover

Try the: Fried Chicken

Also honored in: 2021 Best Restaurants in Columbus

“In the fall of 2013, we experienced Nashville’s famous hot chicken culture for the first time. The taste, the smells, the mix of people in the restaurants – we were instantly hooked. When we returned, we experimented non-stop.

Night after night, we tested out new twists on our own hot chicken recipe. Soon we started serving friends of friends and then we finally served our first group of strangers (in a random parking lot, if you can believe it).

Just months after that trip, we opened up a small pop-up chicken window in Olde Towne East. Every weekend we’d sell until the chicken ran out. We also began fulfilling our vision to hire men and women in need of supportive employment.”

3. Brassica


Try the: Lamb Bacon

Also honored in: 2021 Best Restaurants in Columbus

“This is our ode to brassicas, a family of vegetables known for serious nutrition. We prepare them simply, so their beautiful flavors and colors can shine. Meet ‘Pop’ Malhame, who immigrated from Beirut, Lebanon to Brooklyn, New York in 1920. 95 years later his grandsons, Kevin and Darren, opened Brassica featuring organic, whole wheat pita, artisan tahini and organic chickpeas, antibiotic free meats, a tremendous network of local growers, & craft brewers, and a marvelous team.”

4. Northstar Café

Northstar Café

Try the: Veggie Burger

Also honored in: 2021 Best Restaurants in Columbus

“At Northstar, we recognize that every decision we make affects the health of our community and the environment on a local and on a global scale. We make conscious decisions about the kinds of locations we choose, the way we build our restaurants and the operating supplies we purchase in the cafes.

Most importantly, we’re extremely careful about the ingredients we use. We choose locally grown, organic, and artisan produced foods not only to protect the environment and to support producers whose values are aligned with ours but also so that we are serving the most wholesome and delicious food we can.”

5. Dirty Frank’s Hot Dog Palace

Dirty Frank's Hot Dog Palace

Try the: Fried Leeks

“Dirty Frank’s Hot Dog Palace serves Vienna Beef®, vegan and vegetarian hot dogs, cold beer, and dazzling drinks!”

6. Fox In the Snow Cafe

Fox In the Snow Cafe

Try the: New Orleans

Also honored in: 2021 Best Restaurants in Columbus

“Fox in the Snow Cafe is a bakery, coffee shop serving up rustic-style baked goods and hand-poured drinks out of three quaint shops in the Italian Village, German Village and New Albany neighborhoods of Columbus, Ohio.”

7. Katalina’s


Try the: Breakfast Tacos

Also honored in: 2021 Best Restaurants in Columbus

“Katalina’s, The Little Cafe with Lots of Local Goodness™,
is happily (and hipsterly!) housed in a 100-year-old gas station. Katalina snagged this tiny old building and brought it back from the brink. This Dine Diva had a vision for a café, slinging local homemade food with attitude—but no pretense. So she set out on a mission to turn what was once also an icehouse into a hot spot for breakfast, brunch and lunch. Armed with energy, drive and flea market finds, Katalina made the place come alive with friends, neighbors and local suppliers.

It soon became what it is today—a buzz-worthy locale where people line up for miles and enter with smiles for breakfast, brunch and sandwiches—and Pancake Balls™, lots and lots of Pancake Balls™ (over a million to date, in fact)!”

8. The Thurman Cafe

The Thurman Cafe

Try the: Thurman Burger

“The Thurman Cafe is one of Columbus Ohio’s best restaurants serving up legendary hamburgers. We are the top restaurant for the best burger in Columbus, OH. Seen on Travel Channel’s Man v. Food! The Thurman Cafe has been a landmark in German Village since 1942. Opened by Nick Suclescy and passed on through the family, the restaurant has remained true to its roots. We still serve up the best burgers in Columbus, along with old favorites like Our Famous Coney Island.”

9. Wolf’s Ridge Brewing

Wolf’s Ridge Brewing

Try the: Toad in the Hole

Also honored in: 2021 Best Restaurants in Columbus

“An interest in craft beer turned into a passion for an industry that values collaboration, community, and quality. A love of fine dining evolved into a desire to open a true destination eatery. These combined interests led the father and son team of Alan and Bob Szuter to create Wolf’s Ridge Brewing, a micro-brewery, restaurant and small business with a focus on people, culture and creating unforgettable experiences for guests. Alan spent years crisscrossing the country as a business consultant and in city after city, he found the local micro-brewing community to be thriving.”

10. The Pearl

The Pearl

Try the: Deviled Eggs

“The Pearl is a well-polished culinary jewel that showcases made-from-scratch food, classically inspired cocktails and an exclusive selection of Ales, Lagers & Stouts. All within one cozy tavern atmosphere.”